Best Healing Ointment!

Best healing ointment ever!!!

I absolutely love Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment,  Advanced Therapy. It has helped my son’s dry, flaky, eczema-prone skin in a major way! I have tried a LOT of products made especially for Eczema but this is the only one that helps clear up all those rashes, dry patches, flaky skin, and scratches (on his face, arms, and legs).

For the past almost two weeks, it has been unpleasantly muggy up on the North West. I am sure it’s not as bad as other locations. I am not really complaining about the weather here in Vancouver (BC, Canada). It’s usually raining so having the sun out every day has been great! It’s just that, it hasn’t really helped improve my son’s skin condition. To make matters worse, I am almost out of the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment and I have to either buy from the store (for a small tub that costs double to triple the price as online) or order online on Amazon US soon!!!! (But I am not in the US) I usually buy the 2-package deal they have for approximately $25-28 (2 x 14 oz tubs); the price varies. It lasts a couple of months with regular use on my son’s skin. I use it on him from the moment he wakes up and even when he’s sound asleep!! Pretty much, around the clock all day.

Whenever I use anything else, his skin somewhat gets moisturized but not enough. After a few minutes, the skin seems dry and it actually feels very very dry. I have to always put this on afterwards to keep his skin moisturized. I also notice that whenever he has a lot of scratches on let’s say, his face or under his knees, I spread this all over the skin and in a couple of hours, his skin is moisturized again and the scratches looked like it closed and healed. I tried the regular White Petroleum Jelly but it is just not the same. The Petroleum Jelly feels more greasy but not as moisturizing and healing as the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment.

I highly recommend this product!

Please share your experience(s) with this product or any other products that worked for you.


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